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A Desperate Place for Dying – Now Available in Both Print and eBook

April 17th, 2012 Comments off

Exciting news for Jack Nolte fans!  The next Garrison Gage mystery is finally available, A Desperate Place for Dying. You can buy it trade paperback or ebook from most major retailers.  More information below.

by Jack Nolte

An old flame.  A killer on the loose.  A crazy cult on the rise.

Nearly a year has passed since Garrison Gage became the reluctant guardian of a troubled teenage girl, but neither fatherhood nor the the intervening months has improved his mood. His right knee is still mostly worthless. He still prefers to drink his bourbon alone. And even with a certain blonde bombshell a persistent part of his life, he still can’t be bothered to buy a cell phone. Or any phone, for that matter. Why? Then somebody might call him.

But grumpy as Gage can be, he still finds that life on the Oregon Coast has settled into a comfortable if not happy routine — until the man who murdered his wife shows up in town . . .

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The Care and Feeding of Rubber Chickens: A Novel

February 3rd, 2012 Comments off

We’re pleased to announce the publication of Scott William Carter’s latest book, The Care and Feeding of Rubber Chickens:  A Novel. It’s available as an ebook at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and elsewhere, with the paperback to follow shortly.  Here’s a bit about this delightfully wacky book:

The Care and Feeding of Rubber Chickens:  A Novel
by Scott William Carter

Seventeen-year-old Trevor can’t catch a break. Just when he finds out that Janna, the girl of his dreams, is finally available, his mom tells him he’s being shipped off to a boarding school because of his awful grades. A desperate call to his dad, who owns a rubber chicken factory in Las Vegas, gets him nowhere. His father is more interested in enlisting Trevor’s aid writing what he sees as the perfect gag gift – a how-to manual about rubber chickens. That’s Trevor’s life for you. Everyone around him is totally and utterly insane.

But there’s still Janna. He’s had a crush on her since sixth grade. Can he get himself to say the words to her that he’s been rehearsing for years? He finally musters the courage to visit her house and find out.

That’s when everything goes crazy.

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Lincoln and the Dragon – Now Available as Audio Book

January 20th, 2012 Comments off

Flying Raven Press is pleased to announce its first audio book release.  Scott William Carter’s Lincoln and the Dragon, a short novel of just under 100 pages at print length, is now available at,, and  Listening time is just under two hours.  Special thanks to Gary L Willprecht for his excellent narration.  Here’s more about the book:

The fateful first of January. That’s how Abraham Lincoln described New Year’s Day in 1841, the day he temporarily broke off his engagement with Mary Todd.

Although this fact is well known among historians, what is not known is what else happened that day – when a deranged, dimension-hopping descendant of a Confederate general attempted to assassinate Lincoln long before he became the 16th President of the United States . . .

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Drawing a Dark Way – Now Available in Paperback

October 3rd, 2011 No comments

Exciting news. Scott William Carter’s fantasy for younger readers, Drawing a Dark Way, is now available in trade paperback. It’s been selling steadily as an ebook for a few months, but it’s great to have it available for those who haven’t made the leap to e-readers yet.

Right now, you can only get the paperback at, but it should be available via Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, and other online retailers within a few weeks.

Read more about the book over at, Scott William Carter’s website geared for younger readers (and the young at heart, of course).

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President Jock, Vice President Geek

January 7th, 2011 No comments

Flying Raven Press is pleased to accounce the release of Scott William Carter’s next book, President Jock, Vice President Geek. It’s targeted at mature young adults (on the 16-18 end), but if you liked The Last Great Getaway of the Water Balloon Boys, you might really like this one too.  It’s set in the same town and even features a few of the minor characters.

Electronic Edition Publication Date:  January  2011
Buy Now:  Amazon | B&N | Smashwords

Paperback Publication Date: Coming April  2011

Audience: Young Adult | General Fiction

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October 29th, 2010 No comments

Things are hopping here at Flying Raven Press.  We’re pleased to announce the publication of Jack Nolte’s mystery, The Gray and Guilty Sea.  Here’s a little more about the book:

The Gray and Guilty Sea
by Jack Nolte

A curmudgeon.  An iconoclast.  A loner.  That’s how people describe Garrison Gage, and that’s when they’re being charitable.  After his wife’s brutal murder in New York, and Gage himself is beaten nearly to death, the crippled private investigator retreats three thousand miles to the quaint coastal town of Barnacle Bluffs, Oregon.  He spends the next five years in a convalescent stupor, content to bide his time filling out crossword puzzles and trying to forget that his wife’s death is his fault.  But all that changes when he discovers the body of a young woman washed up on the beach, and his conscience draws him back into his old occupation – forcing him to confront the demons of his own guilt before he can hope to solve the girl’s murder.

Available Now:  Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords

For more about Jack Nolte, visit his website at

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September 9th, 2010 Comments off

We’re pleased to announce the publication of K.C. Scott’s romantic comedy, Dog Food and Diamonds.  The electronic edition is now available both for the Kindle and other formats –and for a limted time If you’re looking for a fun read, pick up this neat book:

If someone were to write a novel about the world of big box retailing, it could very well be a grab bag of horrors and tragedies, detailing the dismal pay and long hours that employees suffer in the name of low prices and just-good-enough merchandise all so the bigwigs and the bean counters can stuff their pockets with trumped up stock options.

It could be about that. Thankfully, this book isn’t . . .

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